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Your garden could become a lab for exciting science experiments, an art project, a meditation centre, a place to slow down and connect with nature, or even an outdoor workout facility that actually saves you money. It all depends on what YOU want!

I am so excited to share with you this Garden Freedom Online Course. It all starts with YOU and what you really, really want in your garden. 

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This course is all about making your time in the garden efficient and FUN!

Hint: having a system changes everything. 

What if your garden can absolutely give you everything you want WITHOUT taking up too much time and energy and becoming a chore? It’s all about zooming in on YOUR goals and finding systems that simplify the work, so you can get exactly what you need from your garden. 


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Inside the course, you’ll find resources for setting clear goals that reflect your values and make gardening everything you need it to be:


⚡ Our garden mantra: FUN is better than PERFECT! Say it with us now…

Discover your garden superpower and what kind of garden will work best for you

⚡ Tap into your “why” for gardening, so even the worky parts feel easier

Celebrate goals you’ve created, even if you’re not sure how to get there yet!

⚡ Create a garden routine that fits into your lifestyle and makes you FEEL GREAT

Easy ways to keep your garden a priority


What do you want more of in your life? 


Health? Abundance? Connection to nature? Physical activity? Beauty? Fun? 

An opportunity to learn and grow, and to share those things with others?


Well, guess what!? You can grow all of that in your garden!


Once you’ve put on your superhero cape and set gardening goals that make sense for your life, you’ll also learn how to MAXIMIZE your gardening success, even if you have minimal time, space, or money to invest. The course includes videos, resources, and workbooks to help you:


🌿 Find growing space you might not even know you have!

🌿 Get creative if your space isn’t “ideal”

🌿 Create your garden budget–with examples to get you started

🌿 Save money getting set up…and save mega money on your grocery bill 

🌿 Choose vegetable and herb crops AND varieties that work for your space and climate

🌿 Understand how sunlight and temperature affect garden growth and your harvest

🌿 Assess your local climate conditions, soil health, and rainfall

🌿 Keep track of your harvests and manage the time you spend in the garden


1 review for Garden Freedom Micro course

  1. Leo

    “I have been gardening for years, but I have learned many new skills. One is I have been harvesting “greens” wrong and wasting a lot of greens. I also never knew how to prune tomatoes and cucumbers. I am on a information overload!”

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